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Bonnie's Bakery Grand Reopening:

We've relocated! Click the link below to be taken to the page! If you'd like to play the jam version though, you're on the right page!

(click here -->): Bonnie's Bakery

How to get around encountered bugs:

1.) If you see fat on the board when you never placed it there, keep playing as if that image is not there. When you make the pastry, drag the fat onto the dough even if the png is there. (the fat isn't actually there, it's an image glitch)

2.) If one of the endings don't take you back to the main menu, click ALT F4

3.) If a failed customer doesn't disappear, you can give them the correct dish and they will disappear anyway! 

3D and AI: https://fracta-mundi.itch.io/ 

3D assets: https://www.artstation.com/luminene https://luminene.itch.io/ 

3D Bonnie Model: https://www.artstation.com/marissagyorki https://peachygeck.itch.io/ 

2D Coder: https://aislebsoupid.itch.io/ 

2D Artist and Concept Creator: https://itch.io/profile/sandtastegreat


Sprite and music: DesyncDev - itch.io

Music and sound: https://musescore.com/user/30768574

NightWolfCFM - Bunnyman Chase (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

mixkit -extra sound effects

mixamo - 3d animation


BonniesBakery(Windows).zip 152 MB

Development log


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So cute, it's hard to imagine him being a killer.

Just saying this game was quite interesting from 2d cutesy art style to 3d assets. I'm not sure if there are more game like this but pretty unexpected outcome ngl.

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there is one called hungry Lamu.

Oh I already played it you could check my channel if you haven't!!! God Bless to ya!!

can you share your email with us


Just played through this. I'm usually awful with creepy games, so I was super happy to find one that was unsettling but I could actually play through. Had a lot of fun! Only got two endings, but I'm satisfied with my playthrough. Thank you for making this!

Thank you so much! We actually have an updated version with more endings if you're interested in giving that a try as well! There were only two endings in the original jam version, so you actually got them all :D


Starts off cute... end up super creepy. Keep up the great work! 

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I really like the game(That said, I'm super bad at it) But I noticed when trying to play it again to see if I could beat the nights, when I make treats, if I try to deliver them, I don't have the treat and just make the customer unhappy.

Edit: I was just making them slightly wrong? I think? but also in the nighttime I got stuck inside a bunch of boxes and jump spamming eventually got me out but was so noisy I died..

Great game though! I love it. I just suck lol


Oh! Thank you for playing! Ah, the customer thing was definitely a bug XD We've patched it now, and have a new page with our updated game! You can play that here!


Great, thanks!


A really interesting game. i enjoyed it and personally think a second one would be good. Also an arcade mode to make points on the kitchen or something..


I really enjoy the game, congrats, I feel bad for bonnie and her bad decision, I hoppe see more proyect like this one :D


Congrats... You broke me. You broke me in this mostly adorable game. I do not apologize for my cursing. This game caused me distress. I also now notice "what type" of patrons come to your little bakery. Smart.

Don't usually leave comments, but I noticed after digging a little deeper into the game that there's a secret ending; is that possible to get at the moment? I'll wait for a finished build to make a second video. Such a fantastic game! Hope to see more like these!

Oh my! I didn't know people could see that! It is currently unavailable, but we plan to get that into the next build! Thank you so much for playing!


Such a good game, the visuals are so cute by day, and so creepy at night the change from 2D to 3D worked really well. The puzzles were easy to work out once I had time to look over everything. Had no problems while playing through the game.

It comes to something that the hardest part of the game for me was the cooking, I was thinking that the night would be when the town came for revenge for my poor cooking skills.

Loved the game, especially the impact you created from day and night.


Fantastic game all around! Loved the colors, designs, music, minigames, and the twist that takes you from one style of play to something quite different at the end. I was not expecting that AT ALL! Bravo!

One thing I thought was odd, however, was that the bakery minigames didn't seem to affect the story. Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't notice that come into play. Do you have plans to expand the game in the future?

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This was an incredible horror game that I really enjoyed. I loved the concept of the game where the game appeared to be just a regular cooking game at first where Bonnie cooks and serves the animal customers that come to the Bakery. At first, I thought that Bonnie was trapped in the Bakery and is forced to work there to serve the customers before later on in the game, it is revealed that... 

I really enjoyed the game and felt that the game would be cool if the first-person-view part could be played multiple times without having to play the cooking part all over again. I definitely did not expect the game to be have such an amazing twist and having the player to take on another character's role in the game, switching from a 2D point and click game to a first-person-view horror chasing game. This is an amazing horror game and would definitely recommend this game to non-suspecting players...

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.