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porfavor deixem para celular tambemπŸ™


i love this game ! at first i was fooled by the cutesy art and characters at first, but wasnt let down when the real action started to kick in !!!! and i love the transition from 2d to 3d ! i can tell this game had hours of work put into it, and i hope youre just as satisfied with your work as i am !!! very well done !! <33


what an amazing little gem this game is


im like it =3 please do more games like this uwu

for some reason it wont load

like it will but when it loads nothing happens): so i cannot play):

Very adorable! :'D

I do wanna ask, when saving one of the dishes on the Plate, and after Lunch Rush begins, the dish on the plate disappears, is that some sort of bug?

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Oh, that's intentional! The part before the lunch rush is just like a tutorial!

Dang didnt expect THAT TO HAPPEN!


Well, I may have missed the initial hype machine on this one, but it looks like I came around to it just in time for the updated version.

This was a lot of fun! I do have a weakness for the  "cute thing turned horrifying" subgenre of horror games, but I do like how this was played - the bakery segment is genuinely fun, and the horror part is, thankfully, fairly forgiving. Bonnie retaining her cutesy character model is a very funny touch, too, so big ups for that.

The one major frustration I had with this is the password being randomized. Whihc I do understand for the purpose of preventing players from just breezing through, but when you're trying to go ending hunting, it just becomes a bit of an annoyance. But those are small potatoes.

Really excited to see what the future brings for Bonnie! Good job on this one!

Love This Game! So Cute!




May I please consume the bakery shop?

(Imagine that as an ending...) (Also, Do you rp at all?)


I am so much of a coward that when I told myself to least get a 2nd ending when I died I intentionally got the bingus ending so I wouldn't have to deal with the horror elements...

i relate to this so much




Loved this game! Cooking games are my fav type of games, and the added horror element was really interesting and I liked it!


a good game, cute and quite stressful, enough to make me entertained even though I still haven't got any ending at this time except bingus ending


i absolutely love this game, i cam back to check out the updated endings and the level of improvements and detail is astonishing! this was one of my all time favourites already but its easy in the top 2 great job and I'm so buzzed for the DLC! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy thank you to everyone that takes the time to watch! 

Was just as cute as I thought, and just as stressful as well. Love that it has different endings and the bingus screen is my fav!

t endings an the new update is so cute
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this game perfectly cgot me in the mood for baking some cupcakes, and into spoopy season too!! really enjoyable game but a bit more srtessfull then i anticipated xD

jolly good game i say! jolly good! had my fingers a wiggling and my toes a stompin'



This game is one of my new favorites! Had me on the edge of my seat! And i got all the endings!


---{ Graphics }---

☐ You forget what reality is

β˜‘ Beautiful

☐ Good

☐ Decent

☐ Bad

☐ Donβ€˜t look too long at it


---{ Gameplay }---

β˜‘ Very good

☐ Good

☐ It's just gameplay

☐ Mehh

☐ Watch paint dry instead

☐ Just don't

---{ Audio }---

β˜‘ Eargasm

☐ Very good

☐ Good

☐ Not too bad

☐ Bad

☐ I'm now deaf

---{ Audience }---

☐ Kids

β˜‘ Teens

β˜‘ Adults

β˜‘ Grandma

---{ PC Requirements }---

☐ Check if you can run paint

β˜‘ Potato

☐ Decent

☐ Fast

☐ Rich boi

☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

---{ Difficulty }---

☐ Just press 'W'

☐ Easy

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

β˜‘ Significant brain usage

☐ Difficult

☐ Dark Souls

---{ Grind }---

β˜‘ Nothing to grind

☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks

☐ Isn't necessary to progress

☐ Average grind level

☐ Too much grind

☐ You'll need a second life for grinding

---{ Story }---

☐ No Story

β˜‘ Some lore

☐ Average

☐ Good

☐ Lovely

☐ It'll replace your life

---{ Game Time }---

☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee

☐ Short

β˜‘ Average

☐ Long

☐ To infinity and beyond

---{ Price }---

β˜‘ It's free!

☐ Worth the price

☐ If it's on sale

☐ If u have some spare money left

☐ Not recommended

☐ You could also just burn your money

---{ Bugs }---

β˜‘ Never heard of

☐ Minor bugs

☐ Can get annoying

☐ ARK: Survival Evolved

☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

---{ ? / 10 }---

☐ 1

☐ 2

☐ 3

☐ 4

☐ 5

☐ 6

☐ 7

☐ 8

☐ 9

β˜‘ 10

Grab this review template here! πŸ‘‰

so, my laptop is low end and for the game to even run decently I would need to change my resolution, but for some reason I can't.

 how do I do it?

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at the main menu go to option and you can change the resolution

I went to the options menu but resolution seems to be locked in place, I've also tried to change my monitor settings but resolution kept locked at full HD.

Oh goodness! Our bugfix patch is being released tomorrow, so the settings option should be fixed!


The bug patch has been released! Hopefully you can have a smoother playing experience!


The game works pretty good on Mac, but if I check any of the notes during night time, I'm no longer able to interact with things by pressing E.

wait, what about the food allergy sticker- I don't think that most of these people who say "this looks so cute" have read the food allergy sticker. it is terrifying cute.


lol so good i'm crying 


This game js the best game i have played the style is so cute and adorable i luv it <3 


I haven't played the game yet, but i just wanted to say that I'm only playing this game because the art-style looked cute, and my name is Bonnie.


crying rn. this is terrifying


the e button doesn't work and now im super frustrated because ive been trying for ages and have no idea how to fix it even restarted my pc and all my e button does work its only in game i really like the game and want to complete it so please fix this 

We are currently working on a bug patch! Very sorry for the inconvenience! We will make sure to update everyone when it is released!

thanks for the reply cant wait to play whatever updates come out next :)

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LOVED this game!! Can't wait for the DLC!

Edit: Just saw the bug development log, at the 15:09 mark of the video, I tried picking up the note. After pressing E a bunch of times, it didn't let me pick up the note! It fixed itself after I died though.


Played it couple days ago. I really enjoy the cute and horror style combined together. I had fun with both segments! Great game!


Absolutely love this game! Thank u for your work <3

is it supposed to have a red overlay after making the first meet bun?

Oh no! Does the red overlay stay throughout the entire game?


it will kind of flash on and off for me,i haven't figured out the cause or how it goes away but it happens when i try to drag the bowl to wherever i need it


its only after i make the first meet bun tho

Thank you for letting us know! We'll see if we can figure out what causing that!


this is an glitch. if you click a certain area by the "View all by ___" and other buttons it turns the screen red, so don't worry. To fix it you just need to click that area again,.

Ah, that's good to know! Thank you!

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hello, I really liked the game but I noticed during the nighttime part if you stand on a box bonnie can't find you. is this meant to happen? 

Oh, gosh! Thank you for letting us know!


I would like to play it but unfortunately I don't know English and I do this through the translator, would it be possible to put an option to play it in Spanish? I would love it very much and I am sure it would be popular among Spanish speaker,        if it would be possible to put it on, do not feel pressured, it is not the intention



Thank you so much for making this game available for Mac! I've really been enjoying it and am determined to get all the endings, and can't wait for the dlc! Bonnie really is a psycho. 

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