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bonnie didnt appear for me in night mode


this game is so cool i love it

hi! just a question, does this have jumpscares? ik its horror but i wanna know if there is and how scary would you rate them 0-10? im sensitive and easily scared but i wanna play this game so much!

I would say that the jumpscares are mostly player based! So depending on how well you do, you can actually encounter minimal to no jumpscares at all! If you're particularly sensitive to them, the dungeon might be the worst area! But even that I would rate a low 4!

oh yeah! ive watched a quick preview of the game. also what happens when you dont finish an order quickly enough or serve the wrong one? also how do you go through the dungeon level?

Not finishing an order/giving the wrong order will not result in a jumpscare, so don't worry! The customer will just leave and the timer will go down! In order to get to the dungeon, you need to complete the baking mode! After that, to go through the dungeon, you'll have to collect the notes scattered throughout the map and type in the code you decipher from them at the keypad next to the door! They always spawn in the same location, but the code is randomly generated each time, so if you get caught, you'll need to collect all of the notes again! Best of luck!


Very cute game :0


love it


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What an unexpected delight of a game! Cozy and sweet one moment, dark and diabolical the next. I had an absolute blast with this little game and was even inspired to replay for all the endings, which rarely happens. Positively delectable - 10/10!


i severely underestimated this game! i haven't had that much fun on an game (: definitely one of the best i've played so far!!! i also don't usually go after all the endings, but it was too pleasant to not. if there was a phone app game of the cooking minigame on an endless mode, i'd play it in my free time, no doubt. thank you for such a great experience, kudos!

The game lags a lot on Macbook. Can you find a solution to this?


Really fun and I always like twists like this. Cute to deadly and savage is fun. Awesome game and idk if there is more coming out about Bonnie or if there already is more but kind of want more.

when i cant find what to do in the game i always watch people do it so i can find what i can find what im looking for in the game some are hard so i just use youtube people like you   


This was really fun!! Never expected the twist

When it's the Mobile version coming?


I guess never...

Yeah because making a mobile port is easy making the buttons lowering the graphics it's pretty easy 

That would  suck and I know how to port this game properly but I would need proper conformation to do so

bruh idc if the graphics are bad I just want to play the game by my self

I know how to almost perfectly port the graphics but I want permission first and I know they have a Porter even though who ever that is isn't doing much. 


this game looks awesome, unfortunately, I can't interact with any object with "e" on the browser version :(


I finally finished this game with all endings! Murder and uhh......torture aside this game is very sweet and wholesome I enjoyed it so much!! Thank you for sharing !

Good game played it a while back but thought id drop this here thank you for indie devs

Hello! Thank you so much for the game! Bonnie always catch me when I try to escape, but I hope I'll beat her someday! Keep up with the great work!



How "cute" this game is. But...

We can find a video from Bilibili:

That you may find the truth of this game:(Posted by Chinese vlogger)

Man, I wish the ask bonnie stuff was still going on :/ i never got to do it.

loved this! and there were multiple endings, but i only got two! really would like another part to this!

if this ever gets a part 2 it woud be pretty cool


frick you bru



the e to interact doesnt worjk on browser for me

really enjoyed this game, was very unique i only got 2/5 endings atm, i am considering going for all 5 in a future stream or video.

Thanks for making this awesome game!

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a very adorable, yet existentially horrifiyng game. while the first few times it took to cook orders was a bit hard cause of the timing, getting to the REAL game was fun and also dreadful but in a good sense!

This game was way different hen I expected it.. but in a good way. I loved it! 


How do i open the oven in the Tutorial?

Well you simply drag whatever you have made into the oven and it will bake it into a dish

That didn't work for me though.  Am I doing something wrong?  I'm a Mac user, btw

Very fun, but its impossible to crouch (ctrl) and walk forward (w) on browser, ctrl+w is a shortcut to close tabs, and ends up closing the game

It's a really nice game so far but i don't understand the E thing. whenever I click E it doesn't work for some reason, is there something to it?


I'm one year late, haha

Someone requested I play this game right when I went on hiatus, I only got the chance to do it now

Cool games! Kinda makes me dizzy a bit! I feel it's a bit repetitive to get the other endings, but other than that it is cool!!!


Streamed the game and it was adorably horrifying. My viewers were all for the cutesy vibe at the start turned creepy. Really appreciate the work put in for multiple endings as well!


Awesome game, with fresh ingredients.

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I enjoyed your game great

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i jst knew this was gonna be creepy lol, u can never trust games that look innocent and cute. aside that, this game was amazing!!! <3




l botton e not woring


this game was grat! i had so mush fun killing anamels :D


u very much scare me-

so silly :3


I had an absolute blast playing this game! I created a captivating video and even put together a comprehensive review. If you could do me the incredible favor of subscribing to my YouTube channel, it would mean the world to me!

🍰 Bonnie's Bakery: An Unexpected Horror Twist! Indie Horror Game Review & Gameplay 🎮 - YouTube

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it's a 3.... out of 3

this gives me an idea

what is the idea?


an idea for a new bakery (:

hopefully you won't kill anyone for your ingredients 0-0

oh dont worry only furrys (:  because there isnt an animal that is basically a human

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