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This game is just brilliant! I love how intense and fast paced it got and it just dove head first into being creepy! Great job! 


Such a cute game!! I love the sounds bonnie makes! Great detail.


I didn't expect at all to transition from a cute 2D game to a creepy 3D survival game. The game with its story and endings were very fun to play. Excellent game.


Really good, I almost forgot that there was a 3D portion


really enjoyed this, i love the concept of turning something that is innocent into something terrifying well done! gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button and check out my huge playlist of short horror gameplays!



I love the art style and idea for this game! It was so cutesy and calming until it wasn't. Props to the developers for making an interesting and aesthetically pleasing game! Thank you so much for sharing it with the world!

Some things I would like as a player but aren’t necessary –

(1) The ability to change mouse sensitivity. I was whipping around a lot initially and I couldn't see.

(2) Pausing Bonnie's AI when in dialogue with other characters. 

(3) More of a clear idea of what score you need for multiple endings. I had to replay A LOT until I got the magic numbers. 

BUGS - I personally ran into a few bugs while playing. One was the notes option disappearing. The other was a light bug, where it would be completely dark when loaded in.

If it helps other players – I made a video detailing what I found with the endings and how to get them. Don’t watch the videos unless you want to be spoiled though. Thanks for reading! 

Bonnie's Bakery Playthrough

How to Get Bonnie's Bakery ALL ENDINGS + SECRETS (Timestamps included)

Thank you for the detailed feedback! We will make sure to take this into account for the next update of the game!

when i attempt to open the game after downloading it, i get a pop-up tab that says "Windows protected your PC-- Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."
how do i get past that? i'm sure that this game is a safe thing to download.


If you click "more info" it should open up another option that allows you to click "Run anyway" - that should work. Hope this helps!

it worked!! thanks a lot :)

for some reason i cant download the game and when i open it in another tab nothing shows up. only a white void

please make it easier to cook recipes like maybe let us click on the recipe we want to want and then give instructions along. it's hard to memorize every recipe and it's hard to open up the recipe book all the time


good game. But I kinda wanted a full on baking game. :(


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Really cool game! I didn't expect the first person swith , vert creative

I made some fanart of Bonnie ( but it's only a sketch)

Ooooh so cute!!


It looks amazing!


i hate cursive end my life pls

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Loved it! a channel I mod for played this.


hmm very bingus

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Very unique and explores unseen mechanics, playtime is around 30-60 minutes. 

My playthrough: 


My thoughts on the game:

  • Amazing use of 2D to 3D! I've never seen that before and it took me completely off-guard. Very sudden and well executed.
  • What confused me the most in the game is the code, I thought the "???" paper was a part of the code I had to guess, since of course you could input more than 5 numbers into the keypad. I recommend limiting it to 5 so it's more clear.
  • Is the dark level intentional? It's extremely hard to see where you're going sometimes, or the way back.
  • Talking to the almost dead animals can be very risky and personally I wasn't able to fully read them due to bonnie.
  • Interesting and horrific story! I really enjoyed it,
  • Odd how the town has no police station to report crimes.
  • In 30:18 my cursor broke in the main menu oddly enough.

Overall, incredible game and great work, definitely one of my favourite games. 


Struggling with the game, I'm not very good at using WASD controls and it's causing me quite a bit of stress. Any tips?


Ah, I'm actually pretty bad at the second half of the game as well! One tip that helps a lot is that you can always return to your starting location to avoid being chased! Also, as long as you know where Bonnie is, you can follow behind from a safe distance! Hope this helps!


Thank you so much! I will have to try this out, thanks again!


ManlyBadassHero played through your game! Was super entertaining and cute but horrific game :)


Oh yes! We were all very excited when we saw that! 

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mmm meet buns look so tasty ^_^, they are to die for

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Bijuu Mike has played this game and bonnie might be evil and cannabal but she is cute. To bad there not option to join her in her cannibal way maybe she might enjoy or be happy if she had help.

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Also mobile users can play this game?

Ah, unfortunately, our game does not have mobile support!



What a fun, kawaii game. 

When I first started I thought I was in for a diner dash type of game. But even that mechanic wasn't so great due to me either not knowing how to bake bread or the animals got too impatient. Either way, that wasn't really needed. 

The combination of 3D and 2D animation was executed very well. Speaking of executed I managed to only get 2 of the 5 endings which makes me want to try for the other 3. There aren't a lot of games that make me want to do that. 

This is a good, medium-length game if you want to stream it alongside other games. I think you would have a blast and others will enjoy it. 

I don't want to say what the twist was, but there is a twist. 

Overall, play Bonnie's Bakery for meet buns. Have a wonderful day. 



I love this game soooo much. It has such a good personality to it, good ui and I love the way the ingredients go together and how it teaches you to learn them. Hats off, I would honestly love to just have a cooking game tycoon with money and buying new items etc because the horror part of the game is too scary for me >.<


Me, first: what in the candypink ripoff

me, after dying like a hundred times: oh




When I saw fresh ingredients was involved in this lovely game, I did not think That the townsfolk was going to be apart of it.

Gee, thanks for spoiling the (admittedly obvious) twist, dickweed!


Yay! cookinggg!!


THIS GAME IS REALLY CUTE!, It is amazing 😄.


THIS IS SOOO CUTE AND AMZING!! I love how at the end of the day bunnie goes to the basement to get "FRESH INGREDIENTS"


how do i play it on mac? looks pretty cute in the trailer.


I think mac users can play on browser. The first time the game loads, it takes a while, but once that's over with it should play smoothly (for the most part). Let me know if that works!

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I thought it was going to be one of those games like- for example 'candypink' type thing, but it surprisingly wasn't! it was a cute game until it threw you into a actual first person type experience. this game was overall really fun and quite scary :)    

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I am yet to get Ending 2 and 3.



Me too. To get Ending 2 you need to score 1000 points and then escape.


Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the concept was interesting and the visuals were also great :) Keep up the good work!

Really worth coming back to play the full game release, love the changes you made to night time it really made the place creepy. Bonnie is such a monster, to think she would not simply use the town residents for meat, but left them alive so she could come back for more FRESH meat.

The changes really made value in the morning cooking side, it really meant that I had to try and practice doing the recipes for the customers.

Really enjoyed all of the new endings, think my favourite might have been 'Waiting'.


Ooh, 'Waiting' is my favorite ending as well! Thank you for playing the updated version!


I was too nervous to finish the game (customer service is a lot of pressure, after all) but I helped Bonnie make a lot of cute animals happy so I'm happy!

I did watch a playthrough and really enjoyed it c:

And I did go back and get ending 5 hehe :3

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Thank you for playing! And Ending 5 is definitely worth going back for XD


Posted this on the game jam version, but I'll post it here too. Overall, I had a lot of fun! Glad I finally found a creepy game I can actually handle, since I'm usually so awful at them. Love this aesthetic. Keep it up!


Thank you! I'm glad you were able to play the game! It was fun seeing you strategize during the second part!

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HINT: Ah woops, the dark mode is in fact a lighting bug. The different endings are tied to the score you get in the first half of the game! For the ??? cg though... let's just say you'll see something interesting when you pay extra attention to the other endings.

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