We are NOT on Mobile. . . Yet

Hello hello everyone!

Just wanted to make a quick disclaimer! Bonnie's Bakery has NOT been ported to mobile yet! We have plans to, but as of right now, Bonnie's Bakery does not have an official mobile version! If you see Bonnie's Bakery on iOS or Android, it's not from us and you should definitely report it! Thank you in advance! 

- SoupDev

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will you guys be making a mobile version soon, when can we expect one?

Thank you for your interest! We've actually brought someone onto the team who can help us port our game to mobile! Unfortunately, they also work a full time job, so they will only be able to work on porting the game in their spare time! We're not sure when for now, but we will keep you all updated as progress is made!

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The web version is laggy and after you severe the customers it crashes don't know why you put it for web version

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We've bug tested the web version, and although there were bugs, we haven't experienced a crash. We’ll look into this, but in the meantime, we do recommend downloading for a better experience. As for why we uploaded the web version, we do not currently have a way to make a Mac build and didn’t want to alienate that user base :)

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I was using the web when I was on Android so ima is it download it on my PC

so,i will tell you a good messger----Apple on WWDC2022 publish Metal 3---it's good and Use!