Main Game Update: Major Quality of Life Changes!

Hello hello everyone! Though the DLC isn't quite finished yet, we're happy to announce the free quality of life update for the main game is now available! Here's what you can look forward to in this update!

- A recipe book! That's right! Now, instead of having to constantly flip back and forth between the recipes and baking, you can now keep one recipe up to look at!

- Speedrunning through the baking section! Before, when you failed a customer, you would lose some of your score. But now, you lose time instead! This means you can purposefully fail customers to quickly get through the baking section!

- Night Time button on the main menu! Now, once you've gotten to the basement, you will unlock the ability to skip the daytime sequence! But the score you got during the last baking session will be used to determine what ending you get, so if you want a different ending, you'll need to get a different score!

- Toggle crouch! Now you can just press control to toggle crouching in the night time sequence! No more closing tabs in the web build!

- Settings and pause menu! Oh wow! You can adjust the settings now! That's pretty cool! And you can pause the game to exit out of it! Ha ha, we know these aren't really features to brag about, but these will be in the update nonetheless!

- Adjusted endings! There are a few differences in some of the endings as we were updating the game! Can you find them?

-Less bugs! I wish I could say "no bugs", but since we're such a small team, it's hard to get enough playtesting to make sure everything is 100% fixed! However, the experience should definitely be a lot smoother now! And if you notice any bugs, please let us know! We will work on patching them! And that's about it! We hope that everyone has a smoother playing experience with this new update! Until next time~

- SoupDev

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