Calling for bug testers!

The main game is currently still under construction! There seems to be some bugs still left to squash! If you encounter one in your playthrough, give a detailed explanation or a video recreation in the comments down below! Thank you for playing Bonnie's Bakery! We really appreciate all of your feedback and support!

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I had a bug when I mixed the ingredients for the meat bun the mix did not come out


i have shitted in my pants


I have found a bug, when you put the ingredients in the blender and give it to mix the dough does not come out


E button doesn't work on numeric panel.


sorta similar to the previous bug, sometimes the E button stops working at seemingly random times, going into the settings fixes it

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It's a minor bug: the E button when interacting with notes and number pad doesn't work after going into the settings during the night time scene, but clicking on a note in the notes panel where you read them seems to fix the issue.


My sound didnt work for a couple of minutes I was scared when i got killed by bonnie with no notification (Aka the chase music) I almost broke my computer lol