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Hello, I am loving the game so far!! I played it for a few hours last night and didn't even notice the time fly. I'm determined to find all the endings. c:

However, I noticed that I can't find the fullscreen button on the browser version of the game today versus when I did the night before. Is this possibly a bug from the update??

Oh! Thank you so much for playing! Ah, we have actually removed the fullscreen button for now because the game would lag a lot in fullscreen for some reason!

Also, there is one ending that normally plays a cutscene in Unity's video player, but we recently found out that the video player is incompatible with WebGL, so the cutscene is replaced with just a black screen! If you'd like to see that ending properly, we highly recommend downloading the game!

Best of luck getting all of the endings!


Ooh, good to know, thank you! And thank you for all your guys' hard work! :D

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I can't interact with anything at the night section of the game, which is a shame since I was REALLY enjoying it.


Very sorry! We've just been made aware of this and we will upload a patched build shortly!


It is now patched for Windows and Linux!


Goddamn, that was quicK. I'm gonna play it as soon as I can.


should be a port for mac

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You're in luck! There is now! (As soon as we patch the bug in the downloadable versions)



Thank you for this beautiful game. It has a special place in my heart now.....

Part 1:

Part 2:


I was so excited to finally play a non-horror game. But no


the game file crashed 4 times

there's no sound adjustment options 

I'm disabled and the things you need to do to 

get each ending were just too much. I recorded the footage and its awful. im sorry. I dont want to be mean as I enjoyed the art and concept but this isnt a game for anyone who has hand disablitites or if you just want a fun horror experience. ITs too cryptic to unlock everything and the opening part of game is too tedious. 

I absolutely love how this game may seem nice and all, but well... you know. its not. quite the opposite and it really caught me off guard. Well done!


This is actually really scary. It starts you off with regular mix and bake game. I really thought I could take a break but nope! It got dark real fast lol.

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ujum, bagus

game nya bagusssssssssssssssssssssssss


Thank You so much for developing this very cute and 100% not horror game under any circumstances, lol. I really love this game! I love the twist, it took me by surprise, and that exact moment is reflected in my thumbnail. I go into games completely blind for that reason ^_^


The Fact that it suprised me when the plot changed!
The Game was really Exciting
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Guysssss!!! Everyone needs to play this!!! It's so goood!!! So cute yet so.... hehe play it if you guys wanna know >w< 

 Anyways, I have a feeling that I will play this game again because it has become one of my favorite kekeke. I can't wait for the DLC to comes out. I will definitely buy it!!! 

Thank you for making this game >w< Me and my viewers had so much fun while watching and playing this game. I even got all of the ending. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


This took me BY SURPRISE! XD I f eel so silly because I never read what it was and thought it was just a cute game at first since I like that type of game! but I also Love horror so it worked out haha.

this is definitely on my top tier list of horror games i've played, i absolutely am in love

wow very wholesome mhm yes

yes yes very wholesome indeed

I love this game, great job guys.

This game is so cute and adorable! At first... and then I finished the first half and oh boy... did it change.
I 100% loved this game, especially playing with my own Bonnie!

Love the art style as well as the mean spirit of this little horror game. Really well done and the endings are great. Wanna take a look at the gameplay:


had a blast playing this thank you!

bingus lol

HEy! Are you interested in getting your game translated? Bc i can do it for free <3


This game took a dark turn and I love it!

Entt esse jogo e de canibalismo ou oq!?


I like the first part but I kind of wish the second part was also in 2d. I like the art style and 3d horror is something I see a ton atp :/


Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Hello! Yes, please feel free to stream the game on YouTube and suggest it to your friends!

Thank youuu!!!


Definitely was not expecting the twist! I knew there'd be one... but not the way it happened!

where is the horror??


its in the part where its 3 D

what ? i didn't notice its a hororr gAME?!


This was such a cute and wholesome game! I can't believe all we did was bake! Literally nothing else... but where does the meat come from? 

Great game! I honestly enjoyed it a little bit too much. I kept on doing the first part since it was so enjoyable! The second part however was a bit buggy (e.g., NPCs not loading, lighting being a bit too dark to the point I couldn't see anything expect light sources). Besides that, the game is shortish and enjoyable!



HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.


Hello! Thank you so much for the offer! We will definitely keep you in mind if we work towards adding translations to Bonnie's Bakery! Of course, you're free to make a translation through a video or google doc as well if you'd like!


wild ride to the end lol


This was definitely made by a vegan lmao


meet pie is sus...


Ending 5 alone was worth playing this :D The rest was great too though.


It was a good game! I like the whole simulator game at the start and the kind of survive the -Blanck- type style. The only con of it was the stamina there wasn't enough so when she saw you ya couldn't really get away, It also wasn't that 'scary', like when she was chasing me I wasn't really scared of her, she felt like more of an obstacle then an enemy, I also really wish I could have talked to the other chacters in the room but when I would try she would chase me, I dont think she should be able to chase you while your talking to the chacters,. Over all good game but deffinely could use so twicks!

Surprising Twist in Bonnie's Bakery?!


COOKING with the FRESHEST INGREDIENTS we can find | Bonnie's Bakery

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